The most deeply penetrating of all heat-treatment systems, our FormoSTAR Infrared body wraps can eliminate deep toxins. Infrared heat is a proven method for activating your body’s natural enzymes and metabolic cellular activity. Combined with proper hydration, you will feel the difference in days. Get real fat loss & reduction in appearance of cellulite. Unlike other body wrap systems that help you loose water weight, FormoSTAR helps you tone your muscles, define your body and keep weight off permanently. Approximately 900-1400 calories are burned in each treatment session, so you will see results accumulate fast! Most people lose about 1 size every 6-10 sessions. We can also target cellulite, to smooth skin and get rid of unsightly ripples and bumps. Lose inches, and reduce fat without surgery or diets.

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FormoSTAR sessions usually last 60 minutes & in most circumstances will require a change of clothing afterwards. Please be fully prepared when coming to your session by arriving 10-15 minutes early and bringing the following:

Formo_Lady_NEW1. Printed and completed FormoSTAR waiver document below. Click to Access the FormoSTAR Waiver:

2. Room temperature water

3. Music, cell phone or something to read or do so you do not bore easily during your session

4. Bring a comfortable long sleeve shirt, long pants extra undergarments & socks to wear during your wrap session

After your session you will want to drink plenty of water and avoid overdoing it for about 24 hours.  Remember to take care of yourself and wait at least 3 days before your next FormoSTAR Wrap Session. Don’t forget to book your next appointment!

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