Location Bios

Pullman, Washington
115 S. Grand Avenue 


rock STAR tan bar branched out in 2008 and opened another location on the other side of the mountains in a small college town with lots of character. The Pullman salon was originally an auto body shop and is our only salon that was not previously a tanning salon. Needless to say our Pullman location definitely has a vibe of its own. We couldn’t be happier to have our second location here!

Pullman Spa is just right next door (literally)…
107 S. Grand Avenue, Suite C


The rock STAR family was thrilled to open our very first full service Spa in 2012 after a soft open in 2011. The spa bar has a vintage rockSTAR feel with a modern twist to accommodate any up-and-coming rockSTAR. We have enjoyed every minute of our new venture into the spa industry with rock STAR spa bar. Located right next door to the tanning salon! rock STAR spa bar sold to a local owner in 2016 and we can’t wait to reveal what we have had up our sleeves for the spa. STAY TUNED!

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