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Q: What is the difference between “high-pressure” and “low-pressure” tanning beds?

A: High pressure beds have UVA light and low pressure beds have UVB light making them in fact very different. UVA and UVB descriptions below.

UVB LIGHT: Medium wavelength means it’s superficial and near the surface (instant result). It stimulates Melanin production (gives skin reddish-brown color). Increasing skin exfoliation rate (the need to tan more frequently to maintain color). Gives you Vitamin D, which allows your body to process calcium. This is good for bone health & grown. UVB Therapy increases serotonin levels in the brain and helps alleviate S.A.D(Seasonal Effective Disorder) in areas with less sun during the year. UVB light helps you build a protective base tan in preparation for outdoor sunlight (to prepare for a vacation). You must understand this type of bed has the potential to burn skin so please use UVB in moderation & with a salon bought lotion!

UVA LIGHT: Longer wavelength penetrates deeper, thus not stimulating melanin. Slowing down skin exfoliation rate & helps the tan not to slough off as quickly (meaning it lasts longer). It Oxidizes the current color, deepening it (reddish brown to golden brown). Enhances melanin(color) already present in the skin. Once a base tan is built using UVB beds, a UVA bed can be used to get deeper color. Excellent for ethnic skin that wants a deeper, more golden brown tan. The unique ‘purple/blue-ish’ light filters out the UVB rays leaving less than 2% chance of burning your skin. At rock STAR tan bar we refer to this kind of light as “high pressure”(Velocity, Leonardo, Saturn & Iso Italia) other places may call the beds “super beds” or “bronzer beds”. UVA light will not give the brown/tan color if melanin is not already present (this means it is important to build a base).

For both UVA & UVB tanning sessions please use a salon bought lotion to help reduce the risk of burning.

Q: How long do Spray Tans last?

A: On average about a week as long as you have followed through with the proper pre-spray and post-spray instructions. It is also important to avoid heavy exposure to water and/or sweating. *See Sunless Solutions Page for more details on pre-spray & post-spray instructions.

Q: Why do I need to use lotion and can I get it online or at a department store?

A: It can take up to 7 minutes for your skin to start absorbing light and produce melanin. With a lotion it only takes about 30 seconds to absorb the UVA & UVB light. Moisturized skin enhances the color you get from each session because lotions balance our pH balance allowing expedited absorption of product and UVA or UVB light. Here at rock STAR tan bar we stand behind our product purchased directly from distributors and never from second hand sources online. Sure, you could purchase a lotion online or from a department store but we can NOT guarantee that you are getting what you paid for or even what you think you are getting. Distributors will only sell their patented lotions to salons so when you purchase a lotion online who knows what you are really getting. Also keep in mind the quality and potency of salon lotions compared to department store lotions is far better. We take pride in the product we carry and recommend it for use before, during & after each session.

Q: Are Spray Tans or Hydration Sessions included in $10 tans after 10 pm?


Q: Do I have to wear my rock STAR tan bar gear into the salon to get my $5 tan?


Q: How do stars work?

A: Stars are an amazing upgrading system that we have put in place for you, our VIP members. When explaining stars it is best to keep in mind that each level of tanning at rock STAR tan bar is worth 1 star. For Example: Base Tan = 1 Star, Mid Tan = 2 Stars & High Tan = 3 Stars. This means that if you had no package on your account but you had 1 Star you could tan for FREE in a base bed OR if you had a base package on your account and 1 Star you could upgrade to a Mid Level Bed with that 1 Star for FREE OR if you had 2 Stars you could upgrade to a High Level Bed for FREE.

* Remember that any time you buy a lotion of $40 or more value you get a STAR for every $10 spent. Example: You purchase a $50 lotion on one of your trips to rock STAR tan bar. You will automatically receive 5 stars on your account to use however you would like!

Q: What is DHA?

A: Dihydroxyacetone is derived from sugar beats or cane sugar and is a key active ingredient for natural self tanner. The skin browning effect is the result of a non-toxic chemical reaction between DHA and the amino acids which are apart of the skins surface. The resulting color is called melanoidins, similar in color to the melanin our bodies produce naturally when exposed to UV rays. DHA creates a more natural looking tan and fades more evenly than other chemical tanners and is now considered the most effective and safest sunless tanning ingredient.

Q: Do I need to wear clothing when I spray?

A: No it is not necessary but it is completely up to you. You will be in the studio/booth alone.

Q: What is the difference between Bronze & Clear spray tanning solution?

A: The Clear solution is just that Clear, it goes on clear and develops over time. The Bronze solution has an artificial bronzing ingredient included that helps give instant results to those looking to get a bronzed color faster. Keep in mind the artificial bronzers will wash off during the first shower after your sunless session.

Q: How long will it take for color to show from my spray tan & when should I shower?

A: Color usually starts to show about 4 hours after a sunless tanning session but can take up to 24 hours to fully develop. It is important to at least wait 6 hours after your sunless session before showering to allow minimal color development. For best results wait 24 hours before showing.


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