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Meet Megan Wilaby, the proud owner and mastermind behind rock STAR tan bar. Megan comes from a family with a strong background in both business owning and the tanning industry. To date she has 23 years experience in the industry! Megan is loved by her employees and even better yet her customers. Megan became a licensed Aethetician in 2011 and expanded rock STAR to offer spa services. In addition to owning her own tanning salons & spas, she works with her Dad consulting for clients wishing to open tanning salons. She trains the clients on the ins-and-outs of running a successful salon. It doesn’t take long in any of her salons to see that rock STAR tan bar is run by the best of the best.


Pullman Salon & Spa

Meet Ruthanna, Pullmans Salon & Spa Manager. We hand picked her right off another managing position at a small town bar. She is a local to the community with 12 years of customer service experience, making her the perfect fit for this job. In addition to being a Certified Aesthetican, Ruthanna is a Norvell Certified Professional Spray Tanning Technician, VersaSpa Brand Certified & Smart Tan Certified. She specializes in Full Body Waxing, Facials and loves Essential Oils! With her help in 2011 we were able to open our first Full Service Spa in Pullman. Take one step into our Pullman Tanning Salon or Spa and you will see she takes pride in a job well done. We are happy to have had her as part of the team since 2008 when our Pullman location got its start.

bethanie 2

Bothell Salon & Spa

Meet Bethanie our West Side Salons Manager. She comes to us with long-term aesthetic and management experience in the Spa Industry. Bethanie was teaching Aesthetic’s at a local college in Bellevue, when she met Megan as a student. Megan invited Bethanie to consult for the business, which then turned into her present management position at not one but three of our locations. Along with being an Aesthestic Educator and Aesthetician, Bethanie has additional certifications in: International Aesthetic’s, Makeup Application, Full Body & Facial Waxing, Ayurveda, Lymphatic Drainage, Acupressure, Tuning Forks, Body Wraps and Therapies, Essential Oils and Nutrition. All this experience has made her an irreplaceable part of the rock STAR tan bar and spa bar team and we couldn’t imagine being without her.

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